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  1. Multiple Connection Provider List ...Thought it would be a good idea to have a list of all providers that allow multiple connections as well as if those connections are limited to your home network or not. If you know of more, please post and i'll add them. Will list by (1) Name / (2) Number of Connections / (3) Price (approximate) / (4) Geo Locked (IP Restriction Yes - same ip / No - multiple ip) / (5) MAG Box/STB APP Connection Reduction (Yes/No - number of MAG/STB connections allowed / number of m3u connections allowed) ...Please correct any errors i've made. Thanks!! ** "Requires purchase of additional connections from base price" ...Reminder: The information listed is based on m3u use. Accessing through a MAG device or STB App (requires MAC address) "MAY" decrease the amount of connections to just (1) Eternal (3) $8 US, (5) $10 US (no) (no - 1/2,4) Vaders (5) $15 US (no) (no - 1/4) Twisted TV (use promo code "REDDIT") - (5) $10 US (no) (yes - 1/0) Kodisolutions (3) $8 US, (5) $10 US (no) (no - 1/2,4) Apollogroup.tv (5) $12 EUR / $14 US (yes) (no MAG connection restrictions) Area 51 (2) $5 US (no) (no - 1/1) TNT Hosting (2) $8.50 US, (3) $12 US (no) (no - 1/1,2)** Velocitystreams (2) $10 US, (3) $15 US (no) (no MAG connection restrictions)** World IPTV (2) $10 US (no) (yes - 1/0) Players Klub (2) $9 US, (3) $13 US (no) (? - ?/?)** Nipsat (2) $10 US (yes) (yes - 1/0) TV Service Club: ...Premium Server (2) $10 US (no) (yes - 1/0) ...STV Server (3) $7 US (yes) (yes - 1/0) ...Backup Server (must have existing sub to purchase) - (3) $4 US (yes) (yes - 1/0) Crystal Clear (2) $10/$15 US (no) (no - 1/1)
  2. Area 51 IPTV, I'm probably not going to give the most in depth IPTV review ever. I'm a huge sports/motorsports fan, so seeing their lineup have all the major sporting outlets, including PPV, MLB Extra Innings, NHL Center Ice, and NFL games I was definitely intrigued. I tried a account with 5 connections and i cracked on my formuler z7+. downloaded their apk from the play store. I opened the app and put in the login information. Clicking on a couple random channels, they were in HD, quality was pretty average. Maybe a little bit better than what you would expect . A channel I really wanted was MAVTV, as I said I'm a motorsports fan. This channel was not in HD, but for the price didn't bug me all that bad considering I had no other way to get it. So far so good. On Area 51's site they allow you to download an M3U playlist of your channels so you can use an IPTV player or just VLC on a computer. I can't tell you how much that comes in handy. I haven't really gone to any of the foreign channels as I'm primarily concerned with the US based networks, however, curiosity had me clicking and every channel I clicked on worked from Canada, uk, and some Spanish channels. Overall I'd say the experience for me has been quite good 7.5/10 . If you're looking for something cheap, and pretty good in the quality department, I'd check em out.
  3. Kodi Solutions -- Is it your solution? I tried Kodi Solutions for a month and it is a decent budget alternative. I tried a account with 3 connections and i cracked on my formuler z7+. Channels...they have a lot! Did I try them all? No. I mostly watched US and sports. I would say that they worked fairly well. For some channels, they have multiple listings, but seemed to be the same feed. Picture quality was pretty good too. Most US channels were HD and the Sports channels mostly HD, but they worked. Sometimes sports channels, like the YES Network, would be playing TV Land, but seemed to be correct during games. Channels would occasionally go down, but we fixed within a reasonable time frame. I watch the Weather Channel every morning and it probably buffered about 50% of the mornings. A few channels were out of sync, but easily fixed by adjusting the audio delay...ESPN was always like that. I tested a UFC, Boxing, and Summer slam PPVs and they seemed to work well. I was testing another service, so I was usually flipping...especially during Summer slam, not much of a UFC or Boxing guy. What I did watch was smooth. NFL Preseason was a fail, they only showed games on NFL network and locals they had, but it is preseason so it doesn't really count. They advertise full season NFL though, but only time will tell. Overall, most of the channels worked well and downtime was very minimal. Where they fail big time and it probably reflects in my review is with customer service. I didn't use the ticket system, but they have a Telegram support system. Most of the time, they don't answer/respond or belittle people. The German section is/was down and their response was 'k'. The next day the same person asked and was told 'no one watches them.' If that's the case, why post them anyway? I don't use EPG, but a few people have been complain on Telegram with little to no responses. A lot of people on the Telegram would complain about the lack of support. If they are going to offer Telegram support, they should service it or just offer the ticket system. The stability was decent and the price is a good value. The major channels/events seemed to be supported and running most of the time. If you watch football (soccer), they worked fairly good. They have the channels and a 3PM Football Section, but I didn't try them enough to give a review. Some say this is the sister/reseller site of EternalTV, but Eternal to me a way better in quality wise.
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    It all depends on the country your from, i know for a fact vpn should be used in the uk due to there laws.
  5. Great work mate program won't open @fbbo i'm using vps
  6. Brazzers.com Unlock https://ma.brazzers.com/access/login/