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  1. please send me the config. i have a spare vps i have not been using and i have like 3 months left on the vps
  2. chubika

    Hulu - 5x

    thank you i appreciate it
  3. proxy: yes, you need proxies bots: 25-50 combos: user:pass min 7 characters in user/pass proof:
  4. proxy: yes, you need proxies bots: 25-50 combos: user:pass min 7 characters in user/pass proof: full site ripe available in porn site rip forum...
  5. Could start over. delete anything sentry mba related as hardly anyone uses it anymore unless it's a simple site. keep "NTG" as a log on the site to remind people who the site use to be.
  6. thank you. apparently mine that i've used for 5 years has a virus but i never got hacked and made thousands off mine so idk
  7. Had this posted earlier but I see it was deleted from my zippyshare account so I'm re uploading it. It basically changes the password in an email combo to the lower case/upper case version of the password. Roughly 75% of average people will just capitalize or uncapitalize the first letter in their password when asked to change their passwords (lollll) . I have learned this from cracking multiple shopping sites in the past. Just copy your combos into combolist.txt, save it, then run SimpleCapitalTool.exe See screenshot below to see what I mean. Virus scan:
  8. thank you. i actually have an old account there from back in the day, great place to find old tv shows. *edit* make sure you analyize page again in the post wizard menu (magic wand icon on http header tab) and save config after doing so. seems I found some more keys to add to the config fail keys: You have been banned which means you did something wrong Looks like you're guessing passwords I think the "you have been banned" is really a ban key but I'm not too sure. Also I'm including a "top 100" list of the top user names but it's the top 1000 users overall for uploading and popular usernames, so you can manually brute them.
  9. thank you for the 9.6 dumper version
  10. thank you for the 8.3 version
  11. can anyone authenticate this file and the crack if it's legit or not. sorry going to throw out the "i don't trust mr 1 poster"