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  1. sentry mba Optimum.net

    thank you for the config
  2. official Titles

    I just now saw this and it makes sense
  3. Can someone parse this YouPorn plaintext database

    might be possible in microsoft excel. i always thought there were password tools to convert bodies of text into email:pass format but i guess not.
  4. it's possible but it's not the best quality
  5. We Need Bitcoin Purchases

    if coinbase wasn't so damn slow i'd renew my membership again to help you out. we'll see what happens in the next couple of days.
  6. morCrawaler (v0.4.1)

    thank you for the clean version. always looking for new dork keywords
  7. thank you for the guide. i hope it's not patched
  8. how to create private dorks with tool

    thank you. always looking for new methods to make dorks. it's literally the hardest thing in the world to pull something out of thin air just to get good results
  9. Paying $5 BTC for this tool

    bumping this, changed my currency to bitcoin. please do not post microsoft excel tutorials, this takes too long.
  10. ETH is a joke

    Rather throw money into alts hoping they get big like LTC or even ETH ETH is just a base support between bitcoin and altcoinz, I don't see it going anywhere.
  11. ETH is a joke

    Would highly recommend staying away from it. I cashed out 4 grand worth of it the other day at at $303 per Bitcoin is a better investment if you have 4-5 grand laying around, ETH is just there for support for other altcoinz Your opinions?
  12. giving away an Airvpn account that expires in 9 days (owner may renew after that so it could be a nice account) to one (1) person who posts here first.
  13. sentry mba proxyless Slick VPN (has auto switch ip feature)

    updated correct config sorry about that guys, honest mistake paid someone to make this for me