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  1. Just a little progress report: New Reputation Ranks
  2. Popular question: Answer: Resume activity, post useful content and in a couple of weeks apply for the reinstatement of Power User.
  3. All Good Day!! As You already understood from the title of the topic, it's time to take stock of the past month. So, let's start: Member of the Month In June, @esteder was recognized as the best. Congratulations to the winner. As a prize, as usual, 1 free month of Red Rope. Staff of the Month @alucard - Admin of the Month; @JunooN- SuperMod of the Month; @-DEXTER- - Moderator of the Month; @Vero - Config Masta of the Month; @dcybergeek - Contributor of the Month. Results of the final voting: In June, one of the most hardworking, talented, valuable and respected members of the staff, as well as the leaders of the forum, @alucard won. On behalf of the whole team, I congratulate you on this well-deserved victory! I also congratulate all the other winners!Each of You did an outstanding job in June. Do not forget that we continue to recruit for the positions of "Combo Maker" and "Proxy Master". If You want to be part of the NTG team, this is your chance. In conclusion, I want to thank @Ignition for creating these new logos That's it, I love you all!
  4. Good day to all! I have important information. Due to the fact that lately, we are experiencing a slight shortage of high-quality Combos and Proxies, our administration announces the recruitment of staff for 2 new positions: "Combo Maker" and "Proxy Master". Combo Maker If you are well versed in SQLI tools (SQLI Dumper/Map, etc.), you can constantly create new private combos and passfiles and upload them exclusively for NTG and want to get into our team, then send your application. But I immediately warn you, we need only highly qualified specialists in creating combos, so in your applies be sure to specify screenshots that demonstrate your skills and capabilities, as well as your work in the past. Applications without proof of your abilities and a detailed portfolio will not be considered. If someone thinks that to obtain this position, simply posts the various combolists with other forums, you are wrong. In our family there is no place for leechers, so Senior Staff will check each application form carefully. Proxy Master If you have access to paid proxy services with private SSL and/or socks and are ready to upload them constantly for our staff and VIP-zones, we are waiting for your application. But again, be sure to include screenshots with evidence that you have a HQ paid proxy service, free proxies available on the Internet does not interest us. If you have questions, write, I will be glad to answer. Love and harmony to everyone!