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  1. @Enchantress I think you're being dramatic. CI, too, as I understand were in a similar situation and they just changed the domain and moved the backup data to 3 new addresses. And they are now working as before. But for all these manipulations and to promote the site in search engines, we need a good coder.
  2. You never answered the question. Discussing the details only makes sense if you really help in any way. And if you just argue out loud it is meaningless.
  3. @ALPHAN0VA You're starting to demagogue. Can you be specific about whether you know a good specialist in this field or not?
  4. All MOTM & SOTM winners from February 2019 will be displayed in this topic. April 2019 @abrooke139 - Staff of the Month; @RoodWeslt - Member of the Month. Other winners: February 2019 @-DEXTER- - Staff of the Month; @DominatoR. - Member of the Month. Other winners:
  5. And now I will summarize the "Staff of the Month." @-DEXTER- - Moderator of the Month; @abrooke139 - Config Masta of the Month; @Illusive-Man - SuperMod of the Month; @xcyclonix - Contributor of the Month. The results of the final survey. On behalf of the Senior Staff, I congratulate @abrooke139 on his triumphant return and deserved victory! You are really an outstanding Master! Your unique configs have impressed us all! And you are a great person with a big heart, I am very glad that you won! I also congratulate all the group winners, each of you did an excellent job in April! I'm all on it. All peace, harmony and love! @Teh Owner @The Owner @Admin @Super Mod @Moderator @Config Masta @Contributor @Shady Bastards @Red Rope @OG @Power User @Member @Members
  6. Today is May 1, which means it’s time to take stock of the past month and name the best Member of April. This time our staff chose @RoodWeslt as a Member of the Month. And as usual, as a reward, he gets 1 month of free access to the Red Rope. On behalf of the Senior Staff, I congratulate the winner and remind all members that if you are active enough next month, then perhaps at the beginning of June I will name your name in this topic and you will go down in the history of our forum forever. Be active, we follow everyone! I also congratulate everyone on the World Day of Solidarity of Workers! Peace, Labor, May!
  7. This Account is Dead & No longer Working.
  8. This Account is Dead & No longer Working.
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  10. I am grateful to all the NTG staff for their daily work, thanks to which the site lives and develops and to all users who help us grow, support us in every way and just visit our site! Happy Thanksgiving! And even more. NTG Forever!
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