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  1. 4 letter word game

  2. What are you listening to right now?

  3. @popper rock Nice share bro.. My advice is Kali Linux, for hacking wifi, accounts, .. etc. Regards/Conquistador
  4. 4 letter word game

  5. 4 letter word game

  6. 4 letter word game

  7. 4 letter word game

  8. Thank you bro, i made config but not work without proxies, i will try your config.. Regards
  9. important Propz Working Again!

    @UncleToM Thank you Uncle, good job.. Best Regards
  10. Premium IPTV links With Expiry

    Let me check.. Thanks Edit: Checked and work fine..
  11. ubuntu or debian?

    My list: *Kali Linux *Backtrack 5 *Pardus (Developed with Support from the Turkish Government) *Mint *Ubuntu *Arch
  12. Hi :)

    Welcome to NTG family.. Please read rules
  13. official ShadowAngel now S-Mod

    Congratulations @ShadowAngel bro, i'm glad to hear that
  14. sentry mba proxyless TheArtPorn.com [API Based Config]

    Let me check.. Thanks
  15. Nice share.. Thanks