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  1. outstanding folks... thank you to all who shared
  2. great share. huge props man keep up the good work
  3. fantastic share!. .Huge props brother!!
  4. been looking for this thanks!
  5. Great Forums and great content. I will defo stick to the rules!
  6. Android for me. Have had both but prefer the flexibility with Android. The first Android I had was the HTC Desire which was a great piece of tech. Had it's flaws but I haven't looked back since and have been with Samsung since the S3, now on the S7. Can't praise them highly enough.
  7. Hey all not sure how to make a good impression but just wanna tell you a bit about myself. My name is Jay i'm from Scotland, UK. Pretty new to gaming but loving it so far! Think the forumas are great here and hope to contribute once I get the jist of how everything works!