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    thanks russian man
  2. hq games probably sims...
  3. Sentry Bug Windows 10

    finally fixed this s*** known Microsoft issue dating from windows 7 which is triggered when you increase scaling to 125% and then revert to 100% it doesn't revert back all fonts... so had to do it manually in registry since they removed manual font sizing in this "fall creators update", I mean really how hard is it to fix this Microsoft... btw thanks @Mega_1, would never figured out it was a font issue if you didn't mention it took me allot of hours though haha
  4. Sentry Bug Windows 10

    Both displays set to 100% default text and clear text is turned on, also tried with it turned on and resizing the text, it didn't work.
  5. Sentry Bug Windows 10

    I tried everything in compatibility tab, nothing helped. Any other ideas as I don't feel like running sentry of w7 vm?
  6. Sentry Bug Windows 10

    Anyone knows how to resolve this issue on the screenshot below? It's like 30px of sentry from the right are missing, so I can't change config or switch site... Just got a new pc with windows 10 and this is what I see when I run sentry.
  7. Bang.com

    thanks hope it still works
  8. Zevera cracker v 2.0

    thanks helps not to overkill sentry
  9. FireCams.com + Capture (Pless)

    thanks Il check it though it sucks its email
  10. sentry mba Keep2share.CC (Valid Usename Checker)

    thanks dude the other one didnt work
  11. sentry mba iStripper.com | Capture

    thanks wanna check this out
  12. sentry mba K2s.cc [Capture]

    thanks friend needed it gonna try to get few hits for him
  13. sentry mba Uplay.com+ Capture

    thanks for the sexy capture
  14. sentry mba missax

    perfect thanks hope its working