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    thanks a lot
  2. Could I use any of these for paying with bitcoins to this site, so I don't have to provide id? https://coinsutra.com/best-ways-buy-bitcoins-without-id-buy-bitcoins-anonymously/
  3. If I use xcoins f.ex., what do I to get the bitcoins to this site, do I first click get bitcoin to get the bitcoins into the xcoins wallet, and then I must transfer from xcoins wallet to this site, hope you could explain, never used bitcoins before... How must you verify your identity in these three, and which one is the best and easiest to use, and which has cheapest fees? To get bitcoins, there are basically three easy ways (choose which one suits you, all of them provide you with a bitcoin wallet): 1. Thru https://xCoins.io -They Accept PayPal / Card etc. You need to verify your Identity to them before purchasing BTC. 2. Thru https://www.coinbase.com You need to verify your Identity before purchasing BTC. 3. Thru https://localbitcoins.com They accept any payment method there, they are thousand of traders world wide. You need to verify your Identity before trading.
  4. my opinion is you should offer a good deal on 1 month also...
  5. I have not used bitcoin before, if I should buy 3 months RedRope which cost $30, then I will pay 0.0034 bitcoin instead od $30, is that correct?
  6. What's the main difference of ShadyBastard and Red Rope, is there any spesial kind of stuff in ShadyBastard that is not found in Red rope?