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  1. Config Work Perfect as today here is the proof : I also Added one key
  2. yes, I'm able to make advanced configs in Storm , and a little hard in sentry
  3. I can work filling some requests but depend on the requirements you are looking for being a config master?
  4. @daftpunk yes bro it's easy to make the config , @HonorAndRespect this config is for you baby Bum :* @human bro in sentry it required intermediate action to make this config with full variables , i think @MoonShine make a GUI step by step using this STAGE in ShaggyBastard Area
  5. Thanks bro, I appreciate that but I already decided to left the forum in the near future.
  6. i think gift trial versions bro , to share the knowlegde , i don't like free section
  7. can i use for office 365 ? if the email it's not confirmed -
  8. i would like to apply as a config masta or contribuitor but you hate me , all my work is public so no need to add in this commnet one by one , check by yourlself . and i will do my best effort , i also say that now i'm mostly working but when i have time i work making configs for STORM , LetsBrutteIT or Sentry