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  1. h4shcr4ck3r

    Spotify 10x

  2. h4shcr4ck3r

    uPlay 31x

  3. h4shcr4ck3r

    brute-tool Sentry MBA 1.4.1 / 1.4.2 / 1.5.0

    Thanks for this, Sir!
  4. h4shcr4ck3r

    sentry mba Config

    Thanks for the Config, sir!
  5. h4shcr4ck3r

    sentry mba epicgames FORTNITE incl. Capture

    Combos: EMAIL:PASS Proxys: Yes Threads: 15 Captures: Nickname, Name, Last Name, Nick Changes (Amount), Country, Last Login
  6. h4shcr4ck3r

    sentry mba cap+excludes banned user

    Does this config works for someone? Did i've really just got bad luck? My Statistics...
  7. h4shcr4ck3r

    sentry mba

    Thanks for this config, Sir!
  8. h4shcr4ck3r

    sentry mba antivirus

    Thanks for this Config, Sir! Edit: Seems to be down.
  9. h4shcr4ck3r

    sentry mba with cpature

    Thanks for this Config, Sir!