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  1. Having zero luck with config, anyone else having issues?
  2. Thank you so much for the config, Respek.
  3. Thank you for the share, I've been looking for an xbox account
  4. Thank you for the share it is much appreciated Edit: link is live if you use jdownloader 3/7 links are still live.
  5. That would be an interesting way of doing it and I think more people would be inclined to do so if it was implemented that way, I just don't know if NTG wants to fuck with coinhive type stuff. Another idea would be trading browser mining for RR sub, have a leader board just like the one for the contributors but it will be for the top miners and whom ever the top 5 -10 people are will get RR subs that month.
  6. I personally am not a fan of it being that I multi-task and have VM's running and such so I need all the processing power I can get, Now maybe implementing it on free users may be a good idea I mean it would be a way for them to help contribute to the site. As long as its well known that it is being implemented I don't see the issue and it also may help push more of the free users to upgrade to RR.
  7. I will also add I've always preferred the xbox for its interface and its network, the PS4's Network isnt at the same level IMO (so dont start crying about that) also I prefer the xbox controller. Last but not least what do your friends use? I like multiplayer games so I would go with what ever I'm going to be able to use to game with friends.
  8. Use your PC and don't be a peasant, I have the xbox one (1st gen) and xbox one s (2nd Gen) along with a PS4 1st gen and I have gotta say my 1080 in my PC makes playing games that much more enjoyable.