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  1. Mofos.com

    thanks so much, my mofos just stopped working, hope it works! edit: works but membership is gone
  2. Bangbros (Arabs Exposed)

    thank you (: + repped
  3. bangbros.com 9x

    thanks so much, repped, hope this works as last post i commented on didnt.
  4. bangbros.com ^ 10 Subscription

    thanks for your contribution, gave you a rep but also wrong category >.< didnt work, rep regardless
  5. done! I'm glad to help you in anyway
  6. RPG Maker XV Ace for $1

    RPG Maker XV Ace which is priced at $77.59 CDN on Steam http://store.steampowered.com/app/220700/RPG_Maker_VX_Ace/ is apart of the Humble Bundle under Software and pay what you want, I paid a dollar, you can pay more if you feel like it. for a $77 program I think this is a fantastic deal, not sure if I posted this in the wrong section but yep enjoy! https://www.humblebundle.com/software/rpg-maker-software
  7. [GET] Free Godaddy .com Domain

    I personally don't need a website but the day I do i'l be sure to use this, thanks so much for the information
  8. Crunchyroll.com x 36

    thanks for sharing. repped
  9. Hidemyass Premium Account 12 Month Plan

    ty so much edit; doesnt work
  10. 800+ NA Hits - League of Legends

    please rep if you enjoy!
  12. Account Reaper 1.4.1

    thanks so much for this, I replied to one earlier and for some reason it didn't work and asked for a key
  13. Account Reaper 1.4.1

    thank you so much for this, i tried sentry but I had no luck with it, pretty sure I was using it wrong, done some research with this and it seems pretty straight forward, hopefully I can use it and get some hits to share with the members of NTG, greatly appreciated mate ty
  14. PC vs Consoles

    I find having a PC is more beneficial then having a console, you can torrent games and get them for free anyways rather than playing $60 on release