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  1. thanks you bro, wanted to try the 1.5 for a while now
  2. thank you very much i will try it out just now
  3. thanks you very much dude
  4. yup your were right works great
  5. @2Die2Day im not sure what is wrong with it but it doesnt work with proxies or proxyless for me, ill check it/compare it later to the one i have but try it with proxies cause maybe it might be just a glitch for me.
  6. you welcome @2Die2Day ill check it out
  7. alright thank you sir for your work
  8. thanks fam, hope this shit gives me lots of hits
  9. thanks man hope i get some good hits
  10. thanks you very please ill give it a try
  11. thanks you dude for the share
  12. thanks you very much this will fasten my work