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  1. Congrats Nazgul on your promotion.Well deserved!!
  2. Hi LeMousse .welcome to the forum.Please take time to read the rules from here Also please read the message about replies from here Enjoy yourself!
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    Hi sultz321 Welcome to the forum.Please can you read the rules which can be found here And the rules about replies here Enjoy your stay....
  4. Welcome to the forum.Enjoy your stay!
  5. Happy Eid to all my muslim Ntg brothers.Enjoy friends!
  6. Please Note I have removed the dead accounts so there are some blank links!
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  8. Great site,Great people,Great configs,Great Boss..Need to say anymore
  9. Welcome to the forum enjoy your stay!
  10. Welcome to the site.Have fun!!
  11. I use both but netflix has the edge for me
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    Welcome to the forum.Were a friendly bunch take time to read the sections carefully !most of all enjoy yourself.
  13. Great to see the site up and running again,Well done team for a quick recovery..