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  1. Welcome to the forum
  2. I have sent a friends request via discord It will show as my first name rather than Androidking
  3. @ILoveNTG Thanks for the kind words,a true friend and I respected that.I also like to thank-you for the hard work,and the help you gave me.If we can change your mind and bury the hatchet I would love to see you back at NTG. What ever you do and wherever you go,NTG will miss your input.
  4. @poKhreL the download link is throwing out 500 sever error can you upload again please.thanks.
  5. @punisher75 link dead can you upload again please.Thanks
  6. @BinaryBastards @Config Masta Reported as broken,can it be fixed please.Thanks
  7. @HumaN @BinaryBastards @Config Masta Reported as broken can it be fixed please.Thanks
  8. @Ryuta @BinaryBastards @Config Masta Reported as broken can it be fixed please.Thanks.
  9. @AnonPlugLink expired can you please renew the link.Thanks
  10. @Apocalypse can you re-upload again as it has expired on this server.Thanks
  11. Yep its clean ran virus tool and posted the results above.
  12. Ran a virus tool for you.
  13. Just FYI I have now locked and hidden the open bullet link,Just to make sure no-else gets infected.
  14. @miri @BinaryBastards @Config Masta Reported as broken can it be fixed please.Thanks
  15. Done lets hope we catch this fucker!