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  1. Hello tkrose Welcome to Nethingoes please read the above links that Tom has posted (Thanks m8),This will avoid you falling foul of the rules we all have to follow. Read enjoy learn,welcome aboard!
  2. Its addictive I'm on here everyday,searching checking,I may not be the most vocal but NTG is part of my family life.Each and every member I have respect for,I just need to up my cracking skills.
  3. Good to see you back Punisher75
  4. @fbbo can you please re-upload again.Many thanks
  5. Good to see you back,ImBakedRu ,hope you been keeping well.
  6. Thanks for this.great update.Propz on its way.
  7. @Nazgul Link not working please can you upload again .Thanks
  8. In under 8 hours a confing masta posted and said it was still working ! So the guys config masta's that work in the background do care,remember they share configs and passwords for you.which they all do voluntarily,they have family lives also.
  9. @Ryuta @BinaryBastards @Config Masta Reported as broken can you check and repair if needed thanks.
  10. Hi Hulk1 Can you please read the following announcements from here. and the thanks message from here This way it will stop you falling foul of the rules and you can continue your journey. Enjoy your stay and Welcome to NTG.
  11. @Mafiossos@Config_Masta Reported as broken please can you fix.Thanks.
  12. @Nazgul Link Reported as broken.Please can you upload again.Thanks
  13. Welcome to the forum.Before you continue please can you read the Rules from here, And here! Enjoy your stay!