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  1. @Nazgul & @cyber_junkie congratulations guys well deserve.
  2. @BinaryBastards @Config Masta Reported as broken can it be fixed please.Thanks.
  3. @DioXid3 @BinaryBastards @Config Masta Reported as broken,can it be fixed please.thanks
  4. Many thanks.I will listen to my peers,but hopefully I can help to move NTG up another gear.Thanks all for the congratulations,I respect you all.
  5. I like the look but it a bit harsh on the eyes,a bit dark for my liking! Maybe give it a couple of days and then I would have got used to it.But a from me.
  6. @stex24 url links broken can it be fixed please.Thanks
  7. @RadikaL@BinaryBastards @Config MastaReported as broken can it be fixed please.Thanks
  8. @BinaryBastards @Config Masta Reported as broken can it be fixed please.Thanks
  9. A warning went out on January 9th still people took no notice,So far 102 People have got a wake up call,(That's all it is a wake up call ).It has the desired effect already as you have started to posts accounts again,(Thank-you),You also have replied in this post which shows you care! We don't expect you to bust a gut and post hundreds and hundreds of accounts,just to get your green tag back,then to stop posting once again, a yo-yo effect. @Teh Owner @Super Mod@Lead Admin @Senior Admin @Admin@Co-Owner Will let us know when we can reinstate your power user status back.
  10. Just go back and look at the previous 3 months,you replied in nearly every Monday's Wednesday and even Friday tosses and you even took rapidgator accounts and you then asked for pure-ts account which was kindly given to you,and in all that time they only thing in return you give back to all Ntg members is 5 fakku accounts which was on 14th January. All we are asking is power users to become more active and contribute back to this forum,That way you will get your power user status back.Just coz you got 500+ propz doesn't mean you shouldn't give back to the community you was given this rank for your hard work. Here is another fact for you! I put up 10 different accounts on January 14th toss OK they wasn't porn, approx 100 people replied to see the content,out of that 100 people 30 people gave me thanks with a propz! How hard is it to click a button? So Not even a 3rd of all the people that visited the free give away could be bothered to say thank-you. We need to change people attitude of this take take take culture,and turn it into a 50-50 mix,and the only way we can do this is to make people stand up and look at what done over the last few months and to be honest ask them-self's ,Have I taken the piss?Some members on here waltz in take accounts without a thanks and not giving anything back to the community, what happend if jack jones is not giving anything and taking all the free accounts to get free content, My thought process is I'm not going to bother to crack any more Jack Jones don't bother to post ,I just take,eventually without anyone giving anything we would just die. Please it not a dig at you Urk in anyway shape or form I'm just trying to explain and highlight why we are trying to get power users contributors and config masts in fact any rank members to be more active and to give a little more and show the rest of this community how they achieve this rank, then what some members are doing at this precise time,so we all can benefit . Don't think we are just picking on power users even staff have been put back to members(0) for not being active I'm monitored,just like any member and I can be removed from this privilege post at anytime,so yes its right across the board. Like I said above it's not a dig at you urk, you asked this question and I'm trying to explain it the best way i can,this message its for all members So come on lets all give a little more and if you reply in any of the Mon/Wed/Fri tosses please THANK /PROPZ all members for giving out those tosses it take s seconds to click the thanks button as your reading the post.You would like a thanks back wouldn't you?
  11. @HumaN@BinaryBastards @Config Masta reported as broken can it be fix please.
  12. @BinaryBastards @Config Masta Reported as broken can it be checked please.Thanks
  13. @fbboLink expired can you up -load again please.Thanks
  14. This Account is Dead & No longer Working.
  15. @Nazgul@BinaryBastards @Config Masta Reported as broken Please can you fix thanks.