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  1. BangBros / BangBros

    good work up
  2. RoccoSiffredi Live

    good work up
  3. Uploaded Premium

    good work up
  4. 11-17-17 ddf x 2

    good work fine
  5. Uploaded Premium (5+ days)

    good work lot
  6. Ddfnetwork.com [Premium] x3

    good work fine
  7. buy VGA Nvidia or AMD

    nvidia are faster
  8. Windows 10 vs Windows 7 ?

    i prefer windows 10
  9. PC vs Consoles

    pc are the best
  10. Best Browser?

    i prefer chrome
  11. Hello

    Hello and greetings to everyone, l'm new here still I hope to be able to contribute with my own little knowlege a bit.