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  1. Does anyone know if Google is making a new version for the Pixel? it would be interesting to see what they come up with to compete with the big guys in the mobile industry
  2. Samsung Vs Lg !!??

    I have the LG g6 and I works fine, the camera could be better and the processor a bit faster but in general a good phone, I had always had samsung which I love and though I will give lg a go
  3. reply button to use forums?

    If you have read the rules of NTG you wouldn't be asking this kind of question
  4. Hi

    Just wanted to say hello, I'm obviously new here and would like to be part of such a great bunch of people, have heard a lot about the site and I'm excited to help and to share
  5. Right time to buy index

    I do a little bit of forex, I have heard of indexes and would like to give it a go, specially if there is an overdue correction
  6. Ethereum crashes below $200

    Specially a communist and controlling country like China, they are not only one of the biggest economies in the world but also the power of influencing things like bitcoin is huge