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  1. Hello Im warsong! (Can close the topic)

    Next guide will be the last one, i dont even started yet. Will be for variables and only intermediate knowledge. Advanced guide cant make it because depends of the site and each advanced site need different setup. Maybe in two days i will upload the last one then i will be able to go back to the shadows corner of the universe And yes i do not explain how to use intermediate action in my guides because i think is not so important, with experience you can be able to discern "need a intermediate action for this config!" I was thinking to upload videos of how you have to setup sentry mba configs in youtube, step by step. The only issue of why i dont do it yet is because my computer desktop is dead and i dont have all my tools (And world of warcraft u.U) and my GPU. im using a shi*[y laptop so... what can i said Topic Close! Mod, problem solve. Now you can move it to trash
  2. Hello Im warsong! (Can close the topic)

    Look you have to make a previous redir because is need it that form to get access to member login, and the form need a token access and the token you can find it in the source code. Check the debugger step by step and you will see how the config works. If the question is how i found this is for some experience and i always check all the 302 codes in HTTP debugger pro also you can check the 302 codes in fiddler.
  3. Hello Im warsong! (Can close the topic)

    Look i have the sentry busy righ now, if you dont solve your trouble maybe we can use team viewer to so what is wrong ____________________________________ Looks like the config is not calling the main page for refreshing the cookies. Then you cant get acces to the next page correctly
  4. Hello Im warsong! (Can close the topic)

    Make a proxylist with one proxy.
  5. Hello Im warsong! (Can close the topic)

    @benreich Hello my friend. I make the config but i dont test the feature of itself. You can do it, i dont know if the config is or not proxyless. But dont worry, fidler means you need to make a HTTPS request, if the host ban the ip of fiddler just untick 'Do not use proxys' and search for live https proxies. Problem solve, remember this post if for my practicing i only want to setup th config a 'difficult configs' maybe if you post the site in request config topics you will have the all config by a cracking masta! @starbucks Friend read this post. Looks this debugger run: You have the same case of @benreich
  6. Hello Im warsong! (Can close the topic)

    Give me one Working acc, i will check this. ______________________ Use Fiddler, never change the config. Because can have some troubles later
  7. Failure Key, then run with a VPN and look if you got ip ban. Then search the source answer if you got ip ban you maybe will have many retrys. So... Read my guide of keywords...
  8. Config Masta Apply (Mod can close the topic)

    Thank you @bloodray i will look that
  9. Hello Im warsong! (Can close the topic)

    @Starbucks You made a mistake, that ip is from the cloudflare servers, you have to find the real ip. Check in youtube video how to get the real ip, it is with the cmd console __________________________________________ @Starbucks
  10. Hello Im warsong! (Can close the topic)

    Its the same case but with different setup. Check this guys, so good luck cracking! Starbucks and benreich
  11. Hello Im warsong! (Can close the topic)

    The site have cloudflare, How are you trying to make this config? You can make a config for cloudflare but not in all the cases. You checked the app? I will check later in detail... Starbucks
  12. Hello Im warsong! (Can close the topic)

    I have to check some sites before yours. When i have time ok ________________________________________
  13. Config Masta Apply (Mod can close the topic)

    this information was very helpfull benreich A really good site! H3rcul3S
  14. Working config but not capturing the logins?

    Can you fix tjis please xterm0x1
  15. Hello Im warsong! (Can close the topic)

    I can check this too, give me some time because im breaking my mind with some configs request (: Thousy ____________________________ I checked your config mate and I must say that your going to be a reckless cracker! Look ... To get to this: you need to do several things, this config is quite great to learn I must say. You forgot make a a previous redirection that grants access to the members page. Its a post redirection. Check out this, try to make it for you own, im here to help you. Thousy