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    This Account is Dead & No longer Working.
  2. He is at Other As i told u he is the Same Guy, But he is more active there not here. Will Demote him for the moment
  3. Welcome to The Forum, I Hope Config Mastas will help you Out and You become Asset of NTG Take your time and Read The Rules here https://nethingoez.com/topic/13814-nethingoezcom-code-of-ethics-for-all-members-v30/
  4. Guys if you are Nethingoez member You exactly know how much staff capable of cracking and making Configs If you want HQ Stuff for Less price and your own private accounts for almost everything, This is the best chance u got. Literally all stuff are for VIP or ShadyBastard Now. Give it a try once and You will never leave RR or SB again A Promise it is.
  5. This Account is Dead & No longer Working.
  6. If you find its not working " report " that one and continue to take another one instead of it, But do not report active accounts or the reporter Will get banned or warned for fake reporting
  7. @Contributor @Member @Members @Power User @Red Rope @Shady Bastards @Trial Hey Everyone hope you all Good. I will make this Note as simple as Possible and try to speak what i want to in the Most Understandable way, so that You Guys are aware of circumstances that u guys bring on yourself. * Everyone is trying to Take as much accounts and configs as possible specially that are free in sections and some in RR too. From now on there will be Extreme actions taken by our staff from now on. Don't think its hidden from us * In every Area you go to, Whether its a Config area or Accounts area , There is a first thread in each of them Regarding Rules which clearly specify how much u can take per day. Once u reached the limit of taking 10 account if in rule its 10 then u won't reply to anything in entire day. It doesn't mean u take 10 accounts from filehosting , 10 from VPN etc [ But a Total amount of 10 accounts from whole forum ]. If i or any staff see you Guys cross that limit Especially to the Grey Members , A Direct suspension (1 week) will be applied Without seeing whether u register in 2014 or 16 or 2010 here. * For RR and SB Members , Read The rules every area u go to and i am assuming you guys to remember it. There will be no second chances and this is the second chance and we would not tolerate any PM's regarding warning points issue to you or a Ban. Good Luck For Your Journey From Now on in NTG.
  8. This Account is Dead & No longer Working.
  9. This Account is Dead & No longer Working.