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  1. DareDevil

    Junoon HOF

    Congrats to you JUNOON , A friend first of all and then a great Leader , Your work was always appreciated and u always lead the NTG's ship to sail higher among the raising tides , always with a new ideas , for me u were kinda inspiring i wish everyone has the talent u had in options of ideas. Big congrats to you again and u found a very best place among us all
  2. I will do it for you So easy for me PM me the lists
  3. You shouldn't have put hide option here as its public
  4. Thanks Roose Time to hit so i download many stuff with high speed
  5. Let's see if it works still
  6. Disneyplus.com x10 [ All Trial Subs ] For HQ Accounts , Buy RR or SB
  7. Illusive thanks for your respected Words. I would love you to stay here and Be a part of the Family. If you want a break yes u can take , But leaving a family anytime is not a good Option. I would love to see again the Whole NTG and shutbox flooding with wonderful conversations and the competitions we had in old time. Change your Mind and stay here. Discuss your problem here how u got banned and we will see if its reversible
  8. @stex24 link is dead. Might try to fix if possible ?
  9. Check PM https://gyazo.com/e6b9100d9c0ef86d8f9c68538c743a10