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  1. True That is the exactly Path i have been running ON. Sometime when u spent sometime on a site it makes you Bore and you want to leave but By God here i am from few months or it will be like 1 Year in December for me But what i did and what i get was too much for me. Everyone experience good and bad days and i did too but that is what life is, A sinusoidal wave [ Up's and Down's ] the day it become straight u die. So Thanks everyone for Giving me so much Love Cheers NTG
  2. Happy Spring bernis, I greatly wish this From my Heart that NTG see the Upcoming Spring too Amen
  3. @Mega_1 Config is reported as Dead. Fix if possible
  4. @stex24 link is dead. Might try to fix if possible ?
  5. I respect what u said and Your work for the forum. We are not hiring those who don't have respect for the rules or anything else. This guy has uploaded many stuff and all in free sections or nobody give a damn fuck for any hard-work. Second thing he was asked to hide what he has posted and he said it with dare That he will not as its open for other. Even if u provide for public its according to rules and hide the stuff. I dunno what he is trying to show off but this View or mischievous things he doing like a kid is not acceptable. @Bonez Will decide what to do as this is his official thread. But for me it will be just an ache in the ass
  6. Good luck with the Experience of Nethingoez Read the rules and enjoy your stay.
  7. My reaction after see your new name and profile picture :straightface:


    1. TexasTiger


      Hahahhaha I really Laugh out of my ass :lolol:

  8. Amazing daft 29 variables. The most difficult config which i saw was consisting of 87 variables. Now this is known as Man of the Day
  9. @human Config is reported as dead. Fix if Possible
  10. @chkcrack Config is dead. Take a look and repair if possible
  11. @Mega_1 Config is Dead. Can you take a look and repair if Possible
  12. Hope Everyone is good 1) From few days i have been watching this issue with Members around That While posting Accounts , They Put Hides Like in these formats [ When Hides are put they press Enter button and provide spaces between them and then they put their accounts ] ================================================== 2) This is Producing issue. What i want is that You guys should follow the Normal procedure of doing it [ Just Open hidecode and Provide in between your accounts or whatever it is and This will make no issue Again ] ========================================================= I am Repeating again do not follow the first type if you think like This won't look good if it has no spaces, Alternately When its hidden its hidden and When somebody replies they see only Account not the whole format u put it in. So do follow the 2nd Format. Thanks as Of now Peace
  13. Yup , I am having Eid Tomorrow too , Seem like we are from One Place
  14. Config Working fine. Please Do not false report. This is checked by one of our fine Config Masta @HonorAndRespect And here is Proof
  15. Do Not Try to Change Pass Or Account Will be Reset By Owner. By Changing You will make Them Only Dead, So Please Don't. If You Like What i Shared , Be Thankful