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  1. it seems like it needs rotating proxies, thanks for sharing
  2. nice share I need it those day when I am trying to learn something new into configs Lol.. thanks Edit @Mega_1 is there any newer version cz it is failed for new lolix config
  3. WTF are u doing here , the thread was posted on 2017 so everything will be dead now , make a request in your section maybe @mimic will fill it
  4. Thanks bro, I can't crack this shit right now I have an exam
  5. thank you for this config Edit : @Vero unfortunately not working
  6. Here is a configuration but it needs some update https://mega.nz/#!0QNzSIZJ!nnMMJYUvEYwLlzEM1JEQKvP3uzjwsUUWRY6_CYjBOIw @Nazgul may you help?
  7. I think it is a right section for power user rank https://imgur.com/a/RsI6lhd
  8. I am looking for OB config for udemy I will crack some account to learn something new from there