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  1. official ShadowAngel now S-Mod

    Congrats shadow, this is a good team to be a part of
  2. Whats a good torrent site for movies now?

    iptorrents has been working great for me.
  3. HQ Proxy Scraper v1.0 by fbbo

    thanks for sharing, I can always use more proxies
  4. SLC Checker 2 - Cracked

    Curious how many modules are included with this. Gonna check it out.
  5. SQLi Dumper v8.3

    Thanks for sharing, mine stopped working.
  6. Bangbros ( Mia Khalifa)

    EDIT: Account is still working
  7. Bangbros ( Mia Khalifa)

    Thanks for the share
  8. Complete MYSQL Injection For Newbies

    Gonna look through this and see if I can learn something new. Thanks
  9. Gonna see if this fixes my config issue thank you
  10. Whats is your favorite COD?

    COD4 hands down
  11. Work With Dorks v2.1

    Ill try this out, gonna check for malware first just to be safe. Then run Sandboxie to be extra safe lol. Thanks for the share
  12. official Regarding cyber_junkie

    @cyber_junkie I dont know you at all but from the looks of it alot of people are glad you are back so Ill add myself to that list. Welcome back!
  13. Sentry MBA - Intermediate (How to Make a Capture)

    Thanks for sharing. I could always use some more tips on my config making
  14. Thanks for the info. Lots of good links here
  15. best vpn

    expressVPN is very fast, Never messes with my download speeds