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  1. Sling tv Config

    sling tv is becoming one of the hardest accounts to crack, ive got 2 configs the grn and the blu, its hard to crack for the proxies we must use they have to be us proxies but also they must not be on their block list. the best way to check if they are any good is run your proxies through fast proxie tester. ive tested 4,000 proxies with this tool and ended up with 300 proxies that you can run against sling when cracking the accounts
  2. thanks for the post bro
  3. IPTV panal scanner+checker

    thank you bro, if still working ok ill add +1
  4. great post and work bro
  5. sentry mba proxyless {IPTV} ip.fannan.se + Capture

    great post bro keep up the great work
  6. sentry mba proxyless RocketStreams.tv | API

    thank you for this offer bro

    thank you for the share bro
  8. how to create private dorks with tool

    thank you for your tutorial bro
  9. Dork Leecher(Links) using Google. for SQLi

    if this works well, it will save me hours of time. thank you bro
  10. Site to get brand new and old DB dumps for free

    thanks for the leak my friend
  11. Sentry MBA - Intermediate (Variables)

    thanks for your time to bring this tutorial
  12. 65 X HULU LIVE TV

    im logged in using a vpn not anything close to their ip and im watching live tv without issues
  13. great post, ive been looking for a parser and splitter. again thank you
  14. fantastic job, that sites not an easy site to grab details from
  15. ill give this a try now, thanks