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  1. I currently run a hosting company that specializes in hosting for small businesses. My company is unique in that I provide personalized support for each client and offer them a variety of options to meet their needs. These range from invoice-based billing for those who are not comfortable paying online to offering customized e-commerce hosting packages with SSL certificates and ultra-fast SSD drive for their new web store. I am currently considering using an affiliate program to grow my business. My question to you is what option would most appeal to you in using my company as the host for the websites you develop: Option #1: One time 100% commission (depending on package) for each new client that remains a customer for 3 months Option #2: Flat rate $50 commission for each new client that remains a customer for 3 months Option #3: 25% monthly commission for all accounts that you refer Unlike most affiliate programs, I will pay out monthly to all accounts, no minimum amount required, meaning that you actually get paid! Would you actually sign up for any of these affiliate programs if they were available? Which one looks best to you? Here are the hosting rates I am looking at: Local package: 1000MB Disk space, 1GB transfer, 5 MySQL & email accounts Monthly Price: $2.49 Business Package: 10GB space, Unlimited transfer, unlimited mySQL & email Monthly Price: $4.99 Premium Package: 50GB space, 15GB transfer, unlimited MySQL & email Monthly: $9.99 Special Offer: Sign Up Here and Get $5 instant Affiliate Bonus on your dashboard. I also have custom dedicated server packages with no setup costs. Please give me your feedback.
  2. It's really pretty s9 is owsm series in Samsung
  3. Googiehost started by an ambitious blogger, who struggled in the initial days. A few years back domains and hosting packages were skyrocketed, and the common man couldn’t afford it because of high prices. Domains became a lot cheaper compared to the old days, but the cost of hosting account remained the same to this date. No one can argue that a student or a small business that is planned to showcase and learn has to invest $100/year for the basic hosting account. Googiehost started to provide free hosting with website building software, free website domain, web designing tools for beginners, creative designs, free cPanel hosting, and more. Googiehost goal was to solve the problems of beginners. What’s the offer? Googiehost wants to go something different from rest of the companies, and they want to move ahead of everyone else. Let’s look at the offer the company is willing to give you for free of cost. #1 - Free Web Hosting with cPanel Those who don’t know that cPanel is the leading user interface for hosting account. From top companies like Hostgator, DreamHost, and other companies prefer to provide cPanel hosting than the custom panel. We have used cPanel hosting from the beginning, and we can tell you that power and features the cPanel provides to the users is incredible. You have to spend twenty minutes on the interface and play around with the hosting account. In next few minutes, you will be able to use and execute every feature to make your website look incredible as possible. You also get a virus scanner that helps you identify the files that accessing your website without permission. The most interesting part of cPanel features is that it lets you take full control over your website and database without learning to code. #2 – Free Sub-domain Hosting The company offers you free website builder, but do you know that subdomain hosting offered by Googiehost? What is subdomain? We know that many of you know the meaning of subdomain, but don’t realise the official name until you try it. We can take Mashable website for example that runs more than five subdomains on their site. For example, Tech.Yourdomain.com, and that is known as a subdomain. You can add multiple subdomains on your website to view, edit, and create new topics on your website. There’s no red alert from Google as well because Google search engine accepts subdomains to rank on the Google first page. They do consider subdomains, which is why multi-million dollar companies don’t hesitate to add subdomains to their site. Google’s second best product in the line is Blogger, which enables the people to create an account, and then have your own yourdomain.blogspot.com. Google Blogspot pages do rank on Google’s first page. #3 – Free SSL Certificate Google announced that websites that take personal details of the customers or the users should enable SSL certificate on their websites to ensure that no third-party stealing the information from the loopholes. And the Information like a Credit card, Debit card, personal details, email address, and more. But, if you are a blogger, simple one-page site, or a company website, then you can add a basic SSL free certificate to your website to pass Google requirement. The reason SSL certificate becomes an important ranking factor because Google Chrome has a feature, and they are going to display “SECURE and NOT SECURE” icon beside the domain URL. Major Websites have already added it to their website, and many people consider SECURE as a major company. And those who don’t have an SSL Certificate considered as a poor or not secure website. Visually, it will impact the impression on your visitors. Googiehost provides you basic SSL Certificate for the users, and it adds to your domain automatically. You don’t have to go through all manual work to add it, and it would take one or two days to take effect. How Do I Get a Free Website? Now, we are going to tell you how you can get your website designed by Googiehost without paying a penny. Step 1: Go to the official site of the GoogieHost. Step 2: Scroll down until you find FREE HOSTING, then click on “ORDER.” Step 4: You can register a new account, or you can transfer, or you can add already purchased a domain name. You also get another option to start with a subdomain. Step 5: The Company ask you to write a review on Google Plus, but that’s optional. Scroll down until you find an empty box, where you have to explain why you need free hosting, and the niche as well. You have to explain your idea properly, or your account may get suspended. Also, use their services for a while, and then you can write a Google Plus review. They deserve a response from the existing users. Step 6: Now, you have to add genuine information about yourself. I know that several of you add dummy information, but the account doesn’t get active in an instant. The GoogieHost will conduct a verification of your account to find the legitimacy of the information you feed, and they aim to find SPAM websites. Step 7: Click on COMPLETE ORDER, then your account will be put on verification, and then it gets activated. Just sign up for a new account, and they will randomly find a lucky winner. Use Free Website Builder Tool Start building a website using the Free Website Builder Tool from the cPanel. It takes around thirty minutes for a slow learner to master the options and features of the cPanel’s Website Builder, and it would take less for a fast learner. Spend a few minutes playing around with the website builder. Final Words The Googiehost unbiased system will select lucky winners, who can get their website designed professionally by the company. Let us know your doubts and questions in the comment section below.
  4. When it comes to blog and free web hosting no ads, you have a lot of options. You can go with a free solution or a paid solution, either way, you are going to have a wide range of solutions to choose from. At the end of the day, it’s about finding a service that caters to your needs and offers the functionality and reliability that you need for your site — whether that be for fun or professionally. Free web hosting no ads is one of the best options to start your blog/site without spending money. Either you can purchase a domain or choose free sub-domain of their site. Free web hosting no ads means you do not have to pay for hosting to host your website/blog. They provide free hosting service to host your domain on their host without paying anything. free hosting providers Provide you completely Free Disk space for your storing your dreamy website. You can say, they are same like Godaddy or any pro hosting But free hosting are limited in Web Space, Bandwidth and also they are slow in performance. Free Web Hosting No Ads Providers List GbFreeHosting GBfreeHosting is free web host for everyone either you use Personal or Commercial purpose. Here you can host your own purchased domain name like (xyz.com) or Choose Free sub-domain that's completely Free of Cost. GBfreeHosting provides 1000+ professional Template for the commercial or personal project.If you really want to host your website with No Ads Web Hosting then you can choose best and well reputed Hosting Provider. GoogieHost Googiehost offers the perfect tools to help you create a free website. if you're newbie or student and don't have much money for paid Hosting. then you can choose Best Free hosting for Student and Newbie GoogieHost. Free web hosting no ads Provider help 100's of web designers, students, and small businesses get their websites up and running every year. Using cPanel makes life easier for website owners, offering powerful tools to help you perform essential tasks quickly, easily, and reliably. Get absolutely free cPanel hosting and give you Free .com Domain Name. Control your website using free cPanel control panel and special free web hosting website admin features.We provide unlimited free hosting with high-performance stable servers, Free web hosting no ads, cPanel x3, Unlimited Disk space, unlimited bandwidth. 2FreeHosting According to 2freehosting.com, Over 595000+ Websites Hosted on its server. Really it is having a huge user. This is the best alternatives of other free web hosting provider. They provide Unlimited Free web hosting for all over the world. 2Freehosting offer cheap hosting without paying a single penny from your pocket. BlogSpot Go to Blogspot if you want to start Best Free Hosting and Domain without showing any Ads on your website. If you want to become pro and expert in blogging, it is recommended to go with Custom Domain and Self Hosting. In a free domain, you’ll have a sub-domain only. not a custom domain. For example, if you take the free domain from Blogger.com - Create a unique and beautiful blog. It’s easy and free. your domain will be like DOMAIN.BLOGSPOT.COM it looks bit unprofessional. and it is always recommended to go with the custom blog. As you said you want to write different articles. If you can write well then make yourself a brand name. A domain costs less than 150rs. And coming to hosting you can host on Blogspot. No issues with it. You wanted to start AD FREE BLOG, then blogger is a perfect choice. undoubtedly go with it.
  5. No, every free hosting provider clearly mentions in their policy "We never accept any porn, sex, root, hack, bank, profile domain name in free server hosting.
  6. Do you understand now you are able to host your site for free? We used to pay dollars monthly, quarterly or yearly into the hosting provider as hosting charges. With hosting supplier, you can now host your site for free with no worries. If you looking best free website hosting then this article could help You. The hosting service is extremely helpful because it helps a great deal for students and newbie bloggers because usually, they do not have much amount on their hands to spend on premium hosting programs. Many web developers searching for a better place to host their site and a number of bloggers that are new in this subject also attempt to host their website for free. So for that hosting functions greatly and always remain very helpful. Below I am listing the name of top 10 free hosting Providers in 2018 with the assistance of which you can host your website easily. · GoogieHost This is just one the very best free hosting company that delivers quality support to all of their customers despite to their kind, free or paid. It's a great user interface which helps to set your website more easily and fast. If your newbie or student and want to produce a complimentary site with Free cPanel hosting then you can choose GoogieHost the greatest Free hosting Alternatives. What do they offer? · Great User Interface. · Advanced SEO tools to boost your site. · Support major language and database. · Offers great security. Provide SSL certificate. · Good bandwidth. · Freehostia It is another free hosting site where you may get some feature you will miss in paid hosting. It is a fully cloud-based hosting provider that provides better quality and rate. What do they offer? · Good bandwidth. · Very easy site installation. · 24x7 supports. · 000webhost It provides quality Hosting service. This company was started from the year 2007 and by that time they're providing quality service. This free hosting company is perfect if you're looking for small or moderate size website hosting. They offer better storage and bandwidth. What do they offer? · Statistics on your site traffic. · SEO analysis tool. · SSL certificates to make your site secure. · Hostinger It's popular as a Free hosting service supplier where you can host your site within 30 seconds. They're running an Excellent service and providing the same quality of service in Both paid and free service. What do they offer? · Free 2000MB storage. · Better 100 GB bandwidth. · Support cloud storage. · Support MySQL database and PHP language. · Free from any type of ads. · Good customer support. · 5gbfree This is a really new free hosting provider company. It offers quality and security to their customers. Do not ignore them since they provide completely free support. A few of their solutions is far better than paid hosting service. What do they offer? · Good storage capacity. · Better bandwidth of 20 GB. · Support e-commerce site hosting. · Weebly.com It is also a free hosting site and it is very popular for its excellent service. They remain updated with many themes and tools. What do they offer? · Decent storage capacity · Different themes and tools. · Support MySQL v5 database. · Byethost This is my favorite and offers a good hosting service along with better customer support. They provide security and quality service. They Also Offer Best and highest paying free hosting affiliate Program. What they offers? · 1GB storage. · Support FTP. · 24x7 customer support. · Support major platforms. · Better clustered support. · X10hosting This is an aged free hosting service supplier which has more than 11 years of experience. It's remarkably popular among all free hosting service providers. They have both paid and free service. So choose depending on your requirements. What do they offer? · Unlimited web storage. · Unlimited bandwidth. · Support e-commerce site. · Easy to handle. · Zymic If you love free hosting then choose Zymic. They offer many different services in their free hosting plan. In a very small period of time, they became a well known free hosting service provider. What do they offer? · Unlimited bandwidth. · 1GB storage facility. · Free from ads. · Support all major web languages. · Better security and support. · FreeHostingNoAds It is my last choice for free hosting. They offer service that other paid hosting service can’t able to deliver. Its interface is very advanced and supports all latest technologies. What do they offer? · 20 GB of large storage capacity. · Good SEO support. · Free site building. · Don’t have any type of forced ads. So these are some companies where you can host your site for free. Opt any one of the above and host your site for free.
  7. Get SSD VPS Hosting At Just $.01/M Use Coupons Code GRABPENNY Here - Unlimited Free Hosting 


  8. Hey! I Hope everyone fine and enjoying your life with our blog ProfreeHosting. Today I'll discourse About Students who Ready for Preparation in IT Field. there are lots of student who want to host their project on web but they Don't have much enough money for purchasing Premium Hosting Plans. so all student and Newbie search always Free Hosting for Student or Free Web Hosting For Student Project. Student web hosting is a type hosting service that is student-oriented for class, project, blogging, hobby, education and other purposes of students. Student web hosting is most featured with cheap price and student-oriented hosting tools and features. Now start to Free Domain name and Free Website Hosting For College student. Student web hosting features! Student web hosting has its unique features that can set it apart from other hosting types. Although student Free web hosting with Unlimited Resources is not restricted to it, but a lot of them are for non profitable NGO educational purposes. Student web projects covers portfolio, class, project, blogging, hobby, education, and so on. Student web hosting can be commercial oriented as well. Many student Free web hosting will allow students to sell items/Sell their Cheap Product or take small amount of donations on their website. In a student web hosting, you could be allowed to enjoy full hosting feature as other regular hosting, and you might be hosted together with regular hosting websites on the same server. Who can I apply? Any current studding or next year incoming student at a known university can apply for free Unlimited hosting for students plan. He/She must be able to provide documentation to support enrollment in the university. Is there any hidden fee? No, there is no hidden fee. Students hosting plan is absolutely free until you complete your graduation. You do not need to pay anything. We provide 100% Free Cloud Based super fast cPanel free web hosting service with Free ssl certificates for everyone across the globe. Each hosting account comprises of 1000 MB Space and Unlimited Bandwidth. but if purchase Premium Plans they also provide hug Web Hosting Discount for Student. Will I have control panel access? Yes, you will have cPanel/WHM control panel to manage your account. they Provide you free unlimited hosting with cpanel. You can manage your hosting account from cPanel. ProFreeHosting provide most effective and user friendly cPanel for our premium members and Free users get really responsive custom panel.friendly cPanel for our premium members and Free users get really responsive custom panel. Can I create email accounts? Yes, They do provide 1 email accounts with free hosting for students plan. You can manage it from your cPanel. Get Start for Cheap Web Hosting For Student Based on guidelines set down above, we picked up GoogieHost Free Unlimited web hosting packages as the best student web hosting from many of the web hosts. GoogieHost offers budget yet quality Free cPanel hosting solutions. Their Free hosting package is most suitable web hosting for students, teachers, school, instructors, faculty, institution. You can find out more details from this best Free Unlimited web hosting for education guide.