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  1. i hope this still has some traffic left thx
  2. love u for that
  3. See if this is still working thx
  4. pls one working expressvpn
  5. Thanks bro will try it out !
  6. Thank you for the account!
  7. Will definitely try it out EDIT: Works fine. Good job!
  8. How can we effectively gather hits without wasting too much time/efforts. Instead of using Sentry MBA and all these other cracking tools - as almost any tutorial recommends - I have brainstormed and thought about the nature of cracking. Essentially, the three most important things are fast and non-blacklisted proxies, HQ combo lists (preferably custom-created) and checker tools. The thing, though, is that most of the crackers' internet bandwidth isn't applicable for effective cracking. Instead we should use VPS/RDPs with high bandwidth and custom-created tools such that generic detection methods of cracking-activity is much harder for the providers (such as encrypting traffic, of course this implies that the VPN server itself has low latency and high uplink and downlink limits).
  9. What's your favorite email provider? In terms of speed, limits and privacy. For me, ProtonMail is one of the best e-mail providers as it provides strong encryption on-the-fly and does not collect too much data.
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    I'm mainly here to learn more about cracking and strategies to maximize our success!