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  1. Some games get fucked b/c ISP messed up or something people say Muddfish fixed this, is hat true and whats a better free alternative?
  2. So Im actually wondering whats better 1080 TI or Titan pascal?
  3. I know 0 about this shit but I want to throw an argument. You think an ISP would block sites like bitcoin? If so would it kill their chances of success?
  4. Windows sucks balls, their hardware is cheaper yes but their software sucks compared to OS X (Apple) but yes apple hardware is bad.
  5. DaddyNo

    Who Am I

    Ok yes my name is not the best but idc Im a older male who just wants to do what he wants and works hard. I rather keep 2 myself I like being quite and I only talk when I need to. Thats me reply to see if I care about your comments.