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  1. This is a nice job, thank you!
  2. cristian


    What do you think about Xiaomi pass Samsung at smartphone sells in china?
  3. cristian

    GPU to mine

    Hello, what do you think is better for mine, AMD or NVidea GPU?
  4. cristian

    Xiaomi MI7

    Hello, this topic is about Xiaomi MI 7 Release. The upcoming Xiaomi Mi 7 is expected to come packed with high tech features that will make it slug it out with some other recent flagships. The under-the-display fingerprint scanner, wireless charging, a 3D facial sensing as well as the flagship Snapdragon 845 . Have you seen?
  5. cristian


    Hey there, have you ever bought Bitcoin or some altcoin? I'm a miner, have a Rig with 2 GTX 1080 TI and 2 GTX 1070, PSU 1000W. Thinking in invest in IOTA or some altcoin on Binance.
  6. cristian


    Hello! I am from Brazil, luv to 've find this forum. Party, DJ, Bitcoin addict