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  1. it serves to check which country your combos are How to use? simply drag the file to the program you're ready to start verifying automatically Tool Virus Total enjoy
  2. ▌◄Exclusively The SQL_Searcher_Scanner_By_X-SLAYER+new dorks 2018™►▐ Release notes: This news version comes with a lot of new features like 30% more hit than sql dumper on each search. Also now it is way faster when you are processing your dorks and when you are performing an injection. The tool does not crush like SQL dumper . How to use Download: Virustotal: Virus Total
  3. New SLAYER Leecher Version : 0.4.1 (FIXED VERSION OF 0.4) Download Link : -->Virus Total :<--
  4. were is the member of i need your contribution for this new version
  5. -Contains 24 types of sites, Each type contains multiple accounts - Renewal of accounts shall be every three days. - Don't change the password, so that all people can benefit. - This is the first version of the program, in the coming days, I can issue a new version of the new types of sites. - If you have any suggestion about the program, please pm me. - In order for the program to function, the net framework 4.5 must be installed Screenshot virus total :
  6. Hello, guys, I wanna share with you the easy and the effective way in windows I'm still using when I hack a new wireless, You definitely don't need to be a professional to do this or know everything about computers. so let's start Don't Forget Upvote guys and I'll keep posting useful shit I find!
  7. Hello everyone the new Update of the HQ machine of Combo list "SLAYER Leecher v0.4" is now available With new futures help you to build your one private combolist Virus Total :