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  1. Thanks for this amazing share! I appreciate this!!!
  2. Great share!!! Thanks a lot man!
  3. Hi! someone here play this game in mobile version? Is there some how hack gems for this game? I searched a lot, tested very things, but nothing successful work.
  4. Thanks for the good work! I apreciate this! I will test this!
  5. This is amazing!!! I will test this! Vr can be a spectacular experience. Thank you very much for share! :-)
  6. danilofugg

    HDD or SSD

    HDD, because it's cheap and has more space.
  7. I love android, so I think this is the best!
  8. I found this forum in a research in google about cracking. I'm starting cracking and i think here I can learn very many interesting things. Cheers...