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  1. Thanks for this work! You are amazing!
  2. Amazing job! Thanks for share it!
  3. danilofugg

    VRPorn x14

    Thank you very much for sharing it! It's so great!
  4. Thanks for share this! It's amazing job!
  5. Thanks for this amazing share! I appreciate this!!!
  6. Great share!!! Thanks a lot man!
  7. This is amazing!!! I will test this! Vr can be a spectacular experience. Thank you very much for share! :-)
  8. danilofugg

    HDD or SSD

    HDD, because it's cheap and has more space.
  9. I love android, so I think this is the best!
  10. I found this forum in a research in google about cracking. I'm starting cracking and i think here I can learn very many interesting things. Cheers...