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  1. Combo : Email - Pass Proxy : No Bot : 7 - 10 Proof :
  2. @Nazgul @Sangha @xcyclonix @daftpunk let's go
  3. @xcyclonix Thank you my freind for your support ...
  4. @Sangha I congratulate you my friend for your success but we all agree it is not easy .. as you see It is doable in Sentry with full capture
  5. ok Bro your awsome ... try with sentry mba
  6. @StrongCore i thank site for Pc software
  7. you see already not now , already we can do all thing with any site Before these sites change their protection against cracking, i'am give you example bro by kaspersky and Who wants to help members does not necessarily need to be a Config Masta . are more mandated than they are honoring
  8. Combo : Email - pass Proxy : yes ( you need good proxy ) Bot : 30 -40 Proof :
  9. i agree with your opinion bro @Mafiossos @daftpunk , capture kaspersky This is called a miraculous test even Config Musta can't do this. It is enough that the member who wants this membership has knowledge of most aspects making config , There is no perfect person, we all lack our work and form these mistakes we learn day after day, so there is no needed for the impossible things we are here in the place of learning, will not arrive one day in the field of science to perfection
  10. Combo : Email - Pass Proxy : No Bot : 5 -7 Proof :
  11. @pidotayak i don't know bro you can test it ..
  12. thank you bro good tool keep your great work