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  1. I have the same question, why are you Member 0. You have 547 propz, which means that you have shared material, because the propz do not appear by magic. The same, I have seen other users in the same case as you, who until recently were RR or SB, I remember them because I saw that they shared material in the ultimate toss section and now they are Member 0. I have seen users with 800 propz as Member 0. So I have doubts about what is happening.
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    I appreciate your effort to share
  3. I appreciate the config
  4. I appreciate your effort to share
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    I thank you for your config
  6. I appreciate the config
  7. I appreciate your contribution
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  9. It seems interesting, thank you very much
  10. thanks alot, work really appreciated
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  12. I appreciate your effort to share