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  1. Change ip

    My issue is with an Hitman config. Does it exit anybody for that?
  2. Change ip

    Is there a way to change ip after 2/ 3 min? tried everything...Ipvanish just after 45 min
  3. Proton Cracker + Modules [ Best AIO Cracker ]

    thank you so much for this share
  4. Problem with Sentry's configs

    i tried with this config avalaible on the site: but nothing changes: always 0 combo/min, many many retries and no hits after several hours. I tried many kind of proxies ( elite, anonimous, ninjaproxies, socks 4/5...)
  5. Problem with Sentry's configs

    My big question is: how is possible that people find hits and for me it's unpossible? They use same/similar configs...i don't understand
  6. i have tried so many configs for Netflix (Sentry) but i've always the same problem: after several hours always 0 combo/min and an huge number of retries. I tried different kind of proxy but the situation doesn't change. Can you help me? i'm desperate
  7. Thank you so muchbro, for this share

    thank you so much for this