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  1. Pornhub Premium Account

    Ty for the account
  2. onlyfans.com *3

    thanks for sharing
  3. DirtyPrivate x 3 / 3-17-18

    Thank you for sharing
  4. Thanks you for sharing
  5. iStripper.com | Account Status: Gold | Cards: 64

    Thanks for sharing
  6. istripper x1

    Thanks for sharing
  7. iStripper.com | Account:Platinum | Cards:143

    Thanks for sharing
  8. brazzers.com

    Thank you for sharing
  9. Best browser

    Firefox all the way :)))
  10. Best torrent site?

    rarbg is pretty good
  11. Twitch or Youtube?

    I'm assuming your talking about streaming. both website has its own problem. Youtube tos is great and less saturated but less viewers. Twitch you can be found easily but more saturating. Honestly though, go twitch. You will make a community with a niche game and good stream schedule
  12. PC vs Consoles

    PS4, ive never owned one and I like the game on here better than xbox
  13. iOS vs Android

    Android all the way. but honestly anything that can play music and let me text is good enough