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  1. On the never ending quest to be able to give back, this looks useful. Thanks!
  2. Information is power, thanks for the post!
  3. Hey, thanks for this. I can't wait to learn. Good luck out there.
  4. Hey, thanks for this. Good luck out there!
  5. I prefer android systems, specifically the Galaxy series. My parents both use iOS and they both have had to replace theirs multiple times for strange software issues, while I changed S4 active to the S6 active 2 years ago because it was free. Still using the S6 no issues.
  6. I really enjoy gaming so I go with everything. I use my PC for games exclusive to it and modding. I prefer PS4 for console gaming but I like the Xbox too.
  7. I found it in passing on Google, like many others. I don't remember how, but there is a lot of cool things on here.
  8. I use both of them. I like and use the PS systems more, but I prefer gaming over not gaming so I don't mind Xbox. hidden PC gaming too, don't tell anyone.
  9. Hello, I found this place in passing and found it interesting, so I'm going to try to contribute all I can. I am rather shy so no pics, but I can be friendly too. See ya around!