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  1. Upvoted, thanks man.
  2. Upvoted, thanks a lot.
  3. Hope it still works. Thanks a lot, upvoted.
  4. Spotify, can't go wrong with this one. Surprised to see people saying Deezer, haven't really heard about them where i live.
  5. wonder if thepiratebay and kickasstorrent are still alive, haven't touched torrent thingy for years now.
  6. I let my PC die years ago and haven't even bothered to fix it at all
  7. Xiaomi if you opt for low priced but good quality overall. Haven't used any of their devices though, but i've heard good things about them. If you go for the flagships, choose SS.
  8. Newbie here, was browsing on internet to get needed pw for certain sites, but it seems like this site is not just about pw stuff. Will look around for more content.