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  1. fumancu

    VPN Services?

    Thank you for your contributions everyone!
  2. This is a comprehensive information suite full of resources, tools, and guides on all things privacy related. All of this information was compiled in order to help activists, journalist, & revolutionaries who may be operating among hostile foreign regimes and who are likely being surveilled. VPN's are covered extensively. There is a list of recommended VPN providers that all meet a certain level of criteria. There is also info on how they work, what to look out for when choosing a provider, how to properly configure DNS etc. Also Tons of info on privacy respecting tools that provide services such as: Browsers Browser Addons WEB RTC solutions DNS Servers Email Providers Search Engines Encrypted messengers File sharing Cloud Storage File syncing Password managers Encryption Key Self-Contained Networks Decentralized Social Networks Paste Services Productivity Tools Operating Systems Router Firmware There are also links do dozens of handy websites that test for a variety of security and privacy leaks to help you patch any holes. Enjoy!
  3. I totally understand why you had to post it and have no objection to what you are doing to better meet their needs . I was just taking a jab at intolerant people.
  4. I find it sad that that post even had to be posted. This isn't the 1800's folks... Or Russia. We're better than that
  5. thank you i appreciate
  6. Q. How does a computer get drunk? A. It takes screenshots.
  7. fumancu

    VPN Services?

    Which VPN services are you currently using? I take many factors into account when choosing a VPN. Obviously speed, reliability, server count, and other performance issues are important. Equally important are factors such as where the company is headquartered as this impacts what state government will have jurisdiction over them. Clearly avoid using a VPN service operated out of the USA, UK, or any of the 5, 9, or 14 eyes countries. The payment methods they accept are important. Logging policy (No shit), warrant canary, etc are all important factors to consider.
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    Greetings, New to the community! Looking forward to contributing. -Fu