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  1. Thank You Guru. Here's a line in appreciation. How many gallons of goo have been spilled thanks to Guru? A Lot
  2. If you are not familiar with the video games Watch Dogs and it's sequel you control a person who can basically access anything and everything from his phone. I'm curious as to how far away that might actually be. Anyone have any theories? Matching Nanotech tattoos!
  3. PUBg is stupid fun with friends. Go pub crawling
  4. Samsung phones. Expandable storage is the winner for me.
  5. Android for phones and IOS for tablets. Seems to be each systems sweet spot.
  6. Heyo I'm Neal. Found this site doing some totally legit "research" for my totally real friend who is a person. Most of the time I'd just leave without joining cuz I don't use forums but I'm falling behind in the tech world and this seems like a good place to learn.