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  1. Hopefully I could use the config for some good use. Thanks for the upload!
  2. Yea some of my favourite torrent sites have either shut down or theres no content on them anymore. Sad. Looking everyday for one that has everything i need
  3. Thanks man! Hopefully i could use what i learn from tutorial to work with these.
  4. Fortnite since its free haha! Like how the game looks as well
  5. Found this site through a youtube channel i was watching about cracking and using sentry programs.
  6. I believe the PS4 right now is the best console between the two. When the original xbox came out it was on top but lost its touch over the years to the ps4 being a lot better console.
  7. Apple IOS all the way!! I feel like android device slow down a lot faster than apple devices in my opinion
  8. Hey NTG, my name is Ling and im new to the scene and looking to learn a lot from other and hopefully from myself too. Found out about this site when researching about MBA on youtube. Hope to see you guys around the site