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  1. Had a 6P for a while now, I really like the barebones Android. Battery is suffering tho, not sure what my next one is. I've seen the rumours of the OnePlus 6, so might take the plunge there. I had the original Galaxy note, I'd never willingly go back to Samsung after living through what they did to the OS. Never had an iPhone, I like having a back button...
  2. I quite like Kodi, but it tends to fail the technophobe (read the Mrs) test. I've been using Terrarium a lot lately and it's great, works just like Netflix does.
  3. I haven't used torrents for years now - tend to stream videos or if it's anything else, you can usually find a filehost etc for it via google.
  4. Depends what you want it for. One of the kids got a BenQ ZOWIE EC1-B Mouse for e-Sports off Amazon recently, I can't stand it - much too light, but if you want fast response for gaming, it's probably great.
  5. Bored of TWD now - had enough when it became obvious they weren't going to explain what was going on. That and the zombies aren't a threat any more, just a nuisance. Now, iZombie - that's some show!
  6. Petite and milf aren't opposites tho.. Petite v BBW or Teen v Milf, now that's a fairer choice.
  7. Someone I know sent me a tool and I was loooking for a guide to use it.
  8. Hello all, Just joined, looking to gain some insight into cracking, more interested in the process than getting access to free stuff tho. Looking forward to eventually knowing enough to ask a question that's not already been asked. Cheers, Zef.