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  1. thanks dude @dcybergeek for that lovely sharin'
  2. thanks dude @PSX for sharin' here in NTG, appreciated
  3. well done dude @Revenge-Taker , my congrats for hitting for first time, wish u good luck
  4. My congrats bro @Androidking . Sure it's a very much deserved promotion.
  5. Thanks a ton bro @dcybergeek , top job
  6. nice sharin' dude, thanks for that one
  7. Thanks so much bro Equalizer, long time didn't see this one posted That account says...renew membership...doesn't work bro @The_Equalizer
  8. Thanks for that lovely site bro Dark57
  9. Seems dude you are on fire, posting very good, appreciated so much
  10. markus000

    seems new to me, thanks so much for ya effort bro Dark57
  11. Thanks so much bro Spxsystem, long time not been there.
  12. once more thanks for that new site to me, bro