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  1. 66batman

    Ztod.com x2

    Thanks for this
  2. 66batman

    Ztod.com x2

    Thanks for this pass for us.
  3. Many thanks for getting this pass for all of us.
  4. Many thanks for the work for this,
  5. Thanks for the work getting this for all of us.
  6. Thank s for this, your work is great.
  7. Many Thanks for working hard to give the pass on this one to us.
  8. 66batman

    PC or A Mac

    PC for me but may not always feel that way in the future.
  9. Youtube for me by far but everyone is different with what they need and like to do.
  10. I like both, they each are needed at times.
  11. Just getting started, hi to all.