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  1. Well done my friend, well done!!!!!! :]
  2. You sir are a god! What a great posttttt
  3. dudeeee yes!!!! This site is great, I hope it still works!
  4. So I have some friends that swear they're going to be rich cause of getting into some of these kind of early but is it really worth anything? I've always been confused as to whether you can turn a currency like bitcoin into real dollars whenever you want, like are there safe places for exchanges?
  5. A man is holding a duck and goes to get in bed with his wife. While holding the duck he says, "this is the pig I've been fucking". His wife goes, uhhh that's a duck. The man says to his wife...I was talking to the duck.
  6. I was just wondering what apps you guys think are a must for android? Personally I think a VPN and inprivate mobile browser are a MUST. Gotta protect yo self!
  7. crombieprep27


    Hello everyone! I found this forum looking for metart info lol that site is the best. Anyone else use it?