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  1. Well done my friend, well done!!!!!! :]
  2. You sir are a god! What a great posttttt
  3. dudeeee yes!!!! This site is great, I hope it still works!
  4. I think Lena Paul is one of the best hands down
  5. A man is holding a duck and goes to get in bed with his wife. While holding the duck he says, "this is the pig I've been fucking". His wife goes, uhhh that's a duck. The man says to his wife...I was talking to the duck.
  6. I was just wondering what apps you guys think are a must for android? Personally I think a VPN and inprivate mobile browser are a MUST. Gotta protect yo self!
  7. crombieprep27


    Hello everyone! I found this forum looking for metart info lol that site is the best. Anyone else use it?