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  1. dont hate but i actually like B O T H
  2. gucci gang definitely
  3. Drkshp

    Intel vs. AMD

    intel is love (no homo)
  4. watching a yt playlist about sentry mba tutorials. i used account reaper before. but now i dont use accountreaper anymore because accountreaper is shit. i dont know how much i said accountreaper until now. however, the man in the yt video started to talk about some good forums to leak and i thought like id love to leak and fell in love with this website. thats basiclly it
  5. Drkshp


    Hey my name is drkshp and I am used to crack some accounts tho. My life is boring and I need sth to do. I love memes. But only the R E A L ones. Drkshp bc of darkshop, but actually i ndont have a shop in the darknet it just sounds cool. that was my story bye