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  1. thank you very much
  2. Awesome share, thank you.
  3. awesome site, thank you for your effort
  4. Thank you very much, great site
  5. thank you very much, pornpros network is one of the best! i will enjoy
  6. i own a ps4 and a pc, and while having spend a shitload of money for ps4 peripherals and about 10 games, i cant find myself sitting on my couch and using it very much. so im defenitly more of a pc guy, and i guess ps4 was my last console
  7. thank you both! i read the rules and i guess they are fair for everyone, so there should be no problem following them!
  8. frost911

    New to NTG

    hey sife, im frost and im also new here! But anyway, since no on else welcomed you, this seems to be my part Welcome to NTG!
  9. Hallo guys, im also new here. Hope we all will enjoy to beeing part of this community!!
  10. Hi all, im new here and wanted to day hello. I have been around in forums like this for a while - like dto für example. Im excited to see how this place is