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  1. Thanks for the share man!
  2. RVC_95

    VRPorn x14

    Thank for the share man great work!
  3. Thanks for the share man!
  4. Thanks for the share man!
  5. Thanks for the share man!
  6. Thank you man that's great!
  7. RVC_95

    Crab jokes

    What's the difference between an old bus stop and a crab with implants? One's a crusty bus station, the other's a busty crustacean
  8. Have we got any flat earthers on here?
  9. RVC_95


    What's the difference between a prostitute a girlfriend and a wife in bed? A prostitute says "Are you finished yet?" A girlfriend says "You're finished already?" A wife says "Beige, I think we'll paint the ceiling beige"
  10. I've got CaH, Joking hazard and Million dollars but, anyone got any others they think are worth buying?
  11. Destiny 2 but still not as much fun as Destiny
  12. I've just gotten into forex trading in the UK and I'm using +500 but I've seen that others like ETX capital might be better with the fees and learning platforms anyone got any tips?