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  1. hga


    Thank you a lot !
  2. hga

    Brazzers.com x2

    Thanks a lot Guru!
  3. Depends on you usage, Tablet is good for limited usage (web, movies, little games) in my opinion
  4. hga

    Xbox Vs Playstation

    I prefer Playstation because of graphics quality so far. When you compare same game on the two consoles, you can't say "Wbox is better than Playstation"
  5. Apple environment is great but you have to learn a new way to operate, it will take you some days for the basics and some weeks if you want to go further on the console or others tools like Automator who is a really good integrated tool.
  6. hga

    Hi there

    Hi there, I found some interesting topics on NTG, So here I am!
  7. hga


    Welcome LeoDalton22, hope you will find what you want here!