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  1. I am looking for a middle class smartphone for around 350 bucks. Let me know if you may have something else to recommend. thanks guys :)
  2. Zalgeu

    Bmw f30

    Hey guys If i connect my mobile Phone via Bluetooth with the bmw f30, does it show me which song its playing in spotify?
  3. Hi people does someone know some money glitches for gta 5 ps4? Some funny glitches would be nice to. thanks
  4. Im searching for a new car. should i buy the bmw f30 335i or is the f30 328i also a good option? thank you guys for the help
  5. Zalgeu

    Gta 5 ps4

    Hey guys, is someone playing gta 5 on the ps4? Im searching for new Players to play with
  6. Hey guys, which mobile phone should i buy? which one is better? iphone 8 plus or Samsung Galaxy s9? thank u very much guys