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  1. thank you very much for your contribution go ahead
  2. Hola amigos mil disculpas por la demora si mi nick es pancho1985 a los franciscos les dicen panchos ja ja ja y mi fecha de nacimiento pancho1985, amigos una pregunta como hago para postear o ver los RR por q posteo y me bloquean diciendo que no esta bien hecho mi post. gracias de antemano
  3. excellent work thank you very much
  4. thanks for the very appropriate friend contribution
  5. thanks for the very appropriate friend contribution
  6. thanks for the very appropriate friend contribution
  7. very grateful and successful in everything
  8. very kind for the recommendations
  9. Hi, I'm Francisco, I'm recommending a friend, Naomi, to register and see what they publish, very kind for their collaboration. I like netflix or spotify accounts like iptv. Thanks in advance
  10. Hello, a thousand apologies I am new and I do not have much clear rules, but thank you very much for taking it into account
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