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    Thanks for sharing!
  2. PayPal is a complete sh!t. You need to add Skrill and WM as payment methods.

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  4. Thanks for sharing!
  5. There are different SEO specs, and they do various price. Need to know exactly what needs, no one will come to waste time for discussions of simple details (and waiting for a log time to 'catch' owners to be online) while they can do work at the same time with getting stable 'every-minute' profit. If discussing details is 'demagogue' now, I'm sorry you can delete my messages from this thread and I'll stay away from it in next.
  6. It depends from your current ttarget, what is it? a) Upgrade your SEO or b) Google whitelisting (very expensive) or c) Bypass Google limitation by SEO tricks (will require a new domain)
  7. - If ANYONE know a true SEO-manager/dev - PLEASE forward them to me, it will be a paid work. (When I see some results) - ... and it was the biggest mistake. No one goo SEO willn't start working with a site for MAYBE GET PAID IF RESULT GET'S SEE nice. Because it's high risk of waste of time for nothing, because upgrading a site to high position is long and non-easy work, who will agree seriously work for a long-time to MAYBE receive something or even NOTHING? No1. The good SEO needs to be paid from the first day, because he have a much more higher risk, than site's owner. You willn't find ever 'a good SEO' unless you will do a big payment from the first day. AN