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    Ugly AF

    You know you're ugly when you get handed the camera every time they make a group photo.
  2. DonDraper

    The Perfect Son.

    A: I have the perfect son. B: Does he smoke? A: No, he doesn't. B: Does he drink whiskey? A: No, he doesn't. B: Does he ever come home late? A: No, he doesn't. B: I guess you really do have the perfect son. How old is he? A: He will be six months old next Wednesday.
  3. DonDraper

    let it snow

  4. Of course, a house doesn’t jump at all. Jesus christ i so fucking bad
  5. DonDraper


    i mean. LOL
  6. I don't know witch i have to buy, both are good but i prefer xbox for image quality because it's 4k native and not upscale. Even so I do not have very clear which to catch, the ps4 has more games but the Xbox is more powerful. What you think guys?